In the end! The electric car industry gains momentum

The electric car industry has had many false starts, with the first one arriving as early as the 1880s. To be exact, the first successfully built electric car hit the road in 1888, originating from a German manufacturing plant. Since then, several other attempts have been made throughout history to bring these cars to the mass market to no avail. The current wave of enthusiasm for them started in 2008 and is likely to continue, considering how far the industry has come in the last five years. All factors considered, it appears that these cars are finally breaking through the “glass ceiling” to enter the mainstream auto market.

These cars, as the name suggests, are cars that run entirely on electric power. The energy is stored in a reserve (battery) from which it powers the engine (s), which power the car. Since electric power is renewable, these cars have attracted quite a bit of attention in recent years due to their ability to eliminate the emissions problem that is affecting environmental conservation efforts globally. It is common knowledge that motor vehicles are the biggest contributors to the emissions threat. As such, a shift from diesel and gasoline powered motor vehicles will undoubtedly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by a massive margin.

This makes them one of the solutions to global warming and its devastating effects. At this point, one would wonder why, if these cars have the potential to solve such a serious problem, they have not been adopted on a large scale. There are several answers to this question.

First, his inability to travel long distances without interruption has been by far his biggest flaw. Since they are powered by battery power, battery capacity becomes an issue. Until recently, batteries could only store charge capable of powering an electric car for a distance of 90 kilometers at a time. This deficiency led to what electric car enthusiasts commonly refer to as “range anxiety.” The problem was further exacerbated by the fact that charging infrastructure was largely poor or underdeveloped in most of the world. Having an electric car was therefore impractical.

However, there is some good news! Tesla recently introduced a new battery with a range of 315 miles for use in these cars. This translates to 506.9 kilometers. This will undoubtedly effectively solve the problem of range anxiety and make these cars more popular because most vehicle owners, for example in the US, drive less than 40 miles per day. This, coupled with the fact that charging infrastructure and equipment is being established around the world, ensures that people no longer worry about being stranded on the road when batteries run out. To add to the good news, current batteries can be charged much faster and more efficiently.

Another contributor to the growing popularity of electric cars has been their prohibitive cost. Although today almost all large car manufacturers have their own model in this category, they still produce them on a small scale, which makes production very expensive; costs that are generously passed on to the buyer. The implication here is that while some environmentally conscious people may want to own an electric car, they cannot afford one that can meet their travel needs. For example, Tesla models equipped with the 315-mile capacity battery will cost between $ 134,500 and $ 135,500. This price range is well above the average for the average car owner. However, it is encouraging that since such improvements will bolster their popularity, this will lead to mass production and ultimately cost reduction.

These two have been the biggest obstacles for the electric car industry. However, since they are gradually being outperformed, the electric car industry is preparing to go. It’s only a matter of time before they upset the status quo in the auto industry. There have been claims that oil industry stakeholders have convinced automakers to abandon their ambitions to populate the world’s roads with electric cars. A classic example is GM’s EV1. However, currently the world has passed that stage and it can finally be said that electric cars will compete favorably in the automotive market. Then yes! There is hope for the electric car industry.

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Using RSS as part of your social media marketing strategy

What is your strategy when it comes to inserting social media marketing into the mix of your overall internet marketing strategy? Do you plan to use Twitter? Facebook? My space? LinkedIn? Or Ning? No matter what your strategy is, you need a way to monetize these different services and use your time wisely on these social media sites.

But one form of social marketing that many business owners don’t use is something called “RSS marketing.” This is a Web 2.0 strategy and it is very easy to use. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”, and it’s a great way to quickly publish your content and articles on other people’s websites.

One of the fastest ways to get an RSS feed is to start a blog. Now there is a very technical way to create your own RSS feed from scratch, but I’m willing to bet you don’t want to learn about this technique, especially if you’re not a computer wizard. Fortunately, there is a free service that can create your RSS feed for you.

This site is called And it’s free to use, just like a popular blogging platform called These two simple services can help you enter a niche, make a name for yourself, distribute content on the internet, and get tons of traffic in return at no cost.

I like Blogger because they are easy to work with. But not only that, they can become quite possible. I know a guy who makes over $ 100,000 from his plain and simple blogger blog, but his information is amazing and he has a lot of subscribers. I’m willing to bet that RSS marketing played a role in his making so much money, too.

When you get your RSS feed from Feedburner, you must decide whether to use Blogger’s default “Atom” RSS feed or to use Feedburner’s. Personally, I think you should use the one from Feedburner because it is simple, effective, attractive, and very easy to use.

Some people feel that RSS marketing will replace email marketing, but I do not agree with this notion. Email marketing has its place in the world, just like RSS marketing. But to think that one will override the other is just ridiculous. Both techniques still work and will work in the definitive future.

If you want your subscribers to get fresh new content, start using RSS in collaboration with your blog every day. It’s the smartest thing to do, and you don’t have to spend a penny when it comes to setting this up and promoting your site or blog. I like RSS, and I think it is something you should investigate further.

The more you study RSS marketing, the more likely you are to use it and use it effectively for your business. Get started right now before you forget.

Be sure to put these RSS tips to work in your business today.

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An enlightening bus ride I’ll never forget


Education is the key to being successful in life. Knowing how to read and know how to write are necessary skills to acquire knowledge. Poverty can be an obstacle. A driving force within a person is a benchmark for changing their life. But if a person is determined in his life to improve, he must do something. There is concern that parents do not care enough about their family or have little determination about the future of their children, simply because they want to. What if education were secondary to the basic necessities of life, food on the table or shelter or clothing? What would be the priority? Here is the story of a young man I met on the bus.

The bus ride

One day I was riding a bus to attend a school meeting for a community outreach program at a nearby location. The distance would take an hour and a half to cover. Occasionally, the bus made stops to unload or take passengers. I noticed that several young people got on the bus and sold food, magazines and drinks. One of them asked me to try their ‘paninda’, that is, a sweet delicacy prepared. As I was reaching for my purse to get money, I thought that this child should be in school and wondered about the responsibility of his parents in the education of their children. At first I was hesitant to buy, but the boy insisted and said, “I have to finish selling things.” He surprised me like he was forcing me to buy. I asked myself: “Do I have the right to refuse or be forced to buy out of pity?” I decided to buy 3 pieces of ‘panucha’, a sweet delicacy made with colored sugar and nuts. I was surprised by his enthusiasm for his struggle to survive. I was not worried about their food, where it came from, and how it was prepared; rather, I was concerned about his dedication to work at his age, despite the many dangers that could befall him on the often busy streets. Since I have more time to talk to him while looking at my watch, I wanted to know more about his life, where he came from, and about his family. I asked him if we could talk. The boy agreed. As the conversation continued, I asked the boy to sit next to me to tell me more about his life story. I paid for the bus fare and enough for him to travel until he got home.

The boy’s story

The boy grew up in a remote area in Tondo, a densely populated area located in Metro Manila. You cannot remember your exact date and place of birth. From what he recalls, the family moved from one place of residence to another until he recognized the things around him. Every day early in the morning, in his first years of life (around 3-4 years), he accompanied his father collecting garbage such as newspapers, metals, plastics and bottles in a wooden cart and collected them in sacks to deliver them . to a nearby junk shop which is a 30 minute walk away. After exchanging the materials for monetary value, the father has the means to provide food for the family for one day. That means another day is another fight. The mother is also helping to collect garbage during her free time, but above all, she is at home with the children, preparing simple meals and doing housework. This child is about 12 years old, he comes from a family of 12 members (10 children plus 2 parents). He carries a great responsibility on his young shoulders as an older son. The youngest is only 5 months old. His father is also doing the same as him, selling water and nuts on buses in other areas. For him, the challenge is there; his mind is fixed on working and helping the needs of the family.


This boy stopped going to school when he was in fourth grade. Public primary education is free, but due to life’s struggle, he couldn’t afford to trade time for academic endeavors with the money his family so badly needed to get through each day. Every day, he accompanied his father to look for food among the garbage. Despite her circumstances, she still has a strong desire to go to school. The dream of becoming a teacher one day is his wish.


The streets can be considered your second home. His work sometimes took him far from home and he braved the dangerous streets at night, sometimes he even fell asleep, not caring about the inherent dangers that surround him.


When this boy got on the bus, there were many of them selling different foods. In this group of young people, he is the youngest. Despite their age differences, the circumstances of their life have brought them together and they have all become friends; all can be considered young people who do not go to school. Local community leaders were giving them a job like this to help them become self-reliant specifically for the out-of-school youth program.

At the end of the trip

Before I knew it, the bus was approaching my intended destination. I thanked the boy for the time he had given me. I gave him a book to read and another book to write at his age. When asked if we could meet again, he replied that he was not sure, but hoped that one day we would meet again. He promised that he would go to school and that one day he would become a teacher. Poverty, as many others before him have shown, is not an obstacle to accessing education. Humility was shown here in the story despite the danger and humiliation. Hard work regardless of age and determination in all aspects of our life is a formula for success. Contemplating as a father who has raised two children, there are many young people today who are lucky and have been blessed with adequate shelter, meals on the table, and most importantly, the opportunity to be educated. to any child, regardless of race, religion or socioeconomic status.

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Black Ops: How To Get More Points By Killing Zombies In Kino Der Toten

Call Of Duty Black Ops has proven to be a very challenging game, especially when playing Zombies on XBOX Live or alone. To maximize the amount of points in Zombies, it is important that you start by using your pistol. Remember that you earn points for every shot that hits a zombie, instead of getting points just for killing a zombie.

Don’t forget to use grenades when possible and try not to buy any machine guns until round 3. Machine guns are a great way to earn extra points because they can fire fast and that helps you earn more points. Some of my favorite weapons to use are SMGs like MP5K and RPL. It is also better that you avoid the shotgun at first because it is not the best way to optimize points, although it is powerful to clear the corridors of Zombies.

When entering new rooms, it is best if the person with the most points opens the door. This will help keep your team balanced and allow everyone to have a sufficient number of points to purchase powerful weapons. Also, remember that you only get 2 revives for every 10 rounds, use them wisely trying not to get overrun by zombies. Revives can be a great way to save yourself from a game over that will ultimately require you to start over.

If you are playing alone, do your best to keep the barriers locked to avoid surprises. It’s also best to save instakill for when the dogs come to attack you. Dogs are fast and unpredictable, so instakill comes in handy. If you get 2x multiplication, try to kill as many zombies as fast as you can and try to rebuild the barriers as this will also help you maximize your points.

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Turbo Jam Review: Can You Lose Weight Your First Week on Turbo Jam?

You’ve probably seen the infomercial on television for the training show, Turbo Jam, and wondered if the results are real. Does this program really work? Can this program help me get real results? You may have even seen the turbo slim quick results program that comes with Turbo Jam featured in the infomercial that guarantees results of up to 10 pounds of weight loss and 10 inches of loss in up to 10 days, but quick start programs like that really work. ?

I tried the Turbo Jam program being 20 pounds overweight and after battling chronic fatigue for 6 years due to my ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease. He had not exercised in over 2 years due to chronic fatigue associated with the disease. I decided to give it a try after wanting to lose 20 pounds, take off the tire around my waist, and get more energy. I really didn’t know if the program would work for me as I was out of shape, suffered from a chronic illness and had not exercised in over 2 years. I was amazed at the results.

I started with the Turbo Slim 10 Day Fast Results Program that comes with Turbo Jam. It is a 10-day eating and fitness plan that is in addition to the regular and advanced training schedules and meal plan that is included with the training program. During the 10-day program, you exercise for 10 days in a row and follow an eating plan that consists of real food. There is no hunger here! I was surprised to find that the meal plans included real everyday foods that people have time to prepare and consists of ingredients that people already have around the house. My favorite meals were the tuna salad, chicken pita, turkey burger, and chicken burrito with rice and beans. Really easy to prepare and fix. The magic of the Fast Results 10 Day Fitness Plan and Eating Plan is that it is high in protein and low in carbohydrates and helps speed up your metabolism to burn a lot of calories. The 10-day kickstart program really paid off. I lost 7 pounds and 3 inches in 10 days following the plan. This weightless motivated them to complete the entire program and go on to lose 12 pounds and 8.5 inches in 38 days with the program.

So if you are a woman considering buying Turbo Jam and struggling with little motivation when you don’t see results and see some results during the first two weeks of a program, and you want to lose weight quickly and lose inches off your waistline, I recommend much the program.

To find out how you can use the 10-Day Quick Results Program during a 90-Day Turbo Jam Challenge to lose weight, drop inches off your waist, and have more energy, go to: Turbo Jam Review.

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How to be the alpha dog for your Jack Russell

Owning a dog, especially a Jack Russell, is not as easy as bringing him home, feeding him, and playing with him. Having a dog involves a commitment on your side. As such, one of the first things you will need to prepare for your dog is that he participate in dog obedience training.

However, to make it easier for you to train your dog in obedience, you will need to establish this role popularly known as the “Alpha Dog” role. In this role, you are assigning yourself to become the leader of your terrier’s pack. It is important that you adopt this position because you can adjust your perceptions to be more like your dog, and not the other way around. Dogs also cannot understand the consequences of their actions.

In the role of Alpha Dog, you will need to perform a specific set of tasks on a daily basis. This set of actions established the control and structure necessary to shape your dog’s life. Ideally, you should start implementing these strategies as soon as possible.

I would like to share with you some of the strategies that I have used with success.

Alpha leader strategies

It is important that you do these things on a daily and consistent basis so that it becomes a part of you, your dog, and your family’s lifestyle. You should come up with a set of “rules”, as then it is easier to enforce them if something is not in accordance with those rules. The rules could be something simple, like not yelling at your dog when he barks excessively, etc.

As an Alpha leader, you will need to make sure you observe and practice the following:

• Organize and make the whole family understand the rules

• Implement and enforce the rules immediately, as soon as you bring your dog or puppy home.

• Be consistent in applying the rules

• Never apply the rules when you are angry or tired.

• Never yell or hit your dog

• Never reinforce aggressive or fearful behavior

• Always reward good behavior with affection and treats.

Your Jack Russell is a very intelligent dog. Even with the established rules, he will always challenge you for the position of Alpha Dog unless you establish this domain first. Here are some important factors to consider in the process of establishing yourself as the Alpha Dog.

• Be calm and assertive – As a leader, you must be calm and confident at all times. You must always be consistent and persistent in your actions. On your dog’s side, before you allow him to do anything, you must demand that he remain calm and submissive. This is especially important during belt training and feeding time. Training your dog to be calm and submissive will also make it easier to avoid the symptom of anxious behavior commonly known as separation anxiety.

• Reward your dog – like all of us, dogs can be conditioned with rewards. For example, when you train your Jack Russell to sit and give him a treat the first 10 times he sits, it will be associated with the fact that sitting is a good thing. Later, you can replace the treat with praise, and it is likely that you still sit down because you expect your positive attention. Eventually, simply responding to your command will suffice.

• Body language is key: dogs respond to many stimuli and body language is one of them. Stand tall, keep your head straight, and don’t back off when addressing them. You don’t need to look into their eyes or yell at them, and you should always maintain confidence and complete control.

Understand how to be an alpha dog to your Jack Russell and you will find that your dog will respond to your commands and will also be easier to train and obedient. On top of that, the dog problems your friends are having with their dogs are strangely no longer present in your Jack Russell when you become their Alpha leader.

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Herbs for protection

If you’ve never used plant matter in magic before, I explain in detail in the Plants, Herbs, and Roots for Prosperity column the different ways these substances can be practically used in rituals and daily practice. In summary, the main methods of using plant material to summon protection are: carrying the substance on your person in a locket or sachet, boiling the herb and sprinkling the residual water around your residence, putting a twig under your bed or pillow. , bathe in a distillation or burn it as incense. Also, with the attraction of love, just keeping the plant alive in your home can help increase its vibrations.

Below I have detailed where an herb can be used for a specific protective purpose.

Ague Weed: A bath in this herb is said to banish evil spirits. This herb is also known as Boneset.

Agrimony – Burned or sprayed around the house to send evil spirits to the sender.

Angelica – Used on the person to ward off evil spirits, however, a downside to this herb is that it can also protect you from opportunities. It is used formally in exorcism rites to get rid of evil spirits. Brew it into a tea and sprinkle it on the corners of a house to protect it from evil spirits. The person is also warned in a locket or envelope for personal protection.

Anise: Stuffing under a pillow protects from nightmares.

Ash: Branches can be flapped and waved like a wand to clear a place of bad energy.

Asafoetida: Kept in a potpourri or burned for protection.

Bergamot – Usually used to get money, but some sources say it can be used for personal protection and also to attract a good mood.

Borage: Place it in an area that is suspicious, said to bring out the truth or reveal dishonesty, plots, or secrets.

Broom Caps: Boiled in salt water to keep evil spirits and ghosts away.

Caraway: Carry the seeds on your person to protect yourself from disease and health problems. A few seeds on a loved one’s clothing are said to protect their marriage from infidelity.

Carnations: A bouquet of fresh or dried flowers is said to protect home and family from rivals and attackers of all kinds.

Camphor: Used as a balm, it is used to ward off physical attacks or unwanted advances from others.

Cedar: Branches or incense are burned to protect the home from spirits. It also protects those who are in deep meditation or doing rituals from the capture of unwanted energies and from astral attack. However, it is toxic to reptiles and birds, so you should be careful when using it if you have one as a pet.

Coriander: Burn like incense or use the seeds on your person to ward off attacks. Help protect friends and lovers from accidents.

Deersbane: Burned to reveal bad energy or to tell one the source of the bad energy.

Dill: Sprinkle in a corner of the children’s room to protect them from harm.

Elder: A highly protective tree whose branches are burned or kept in the home to save residents from accidents and attacks of all kinds.

Eucalyptus: Burned at home to protect health from viruses, diseases, and pests.

Geranium: Live bouquets, oil and incense are kept at home to protect the family from attacks of all kinds and also from diseases. Used as an oil to protect health.

Heather: Twigs are worn on the person or kept in the home to protect from evil spirits and unwanted attentions.

Lavender: Use a fresh bouquet, dried flowers, oil, perfume, or incense to protect and protect yourself and your home from bad vibes and negative people.

Marjoram: Sprayed in the home to protect against accidents, thieves and unwanted visitors.

Myrtle: A twig is kept over the front door for protection.

Motherwort: Burned or kept in bags or reliquaries on the person for personal protection.

Pennyroyal: Burned to protect against domestic abuse and violence in the home.

Pine: A pine crown protects from bad spirits and attracts good ones. The incense clears the spaces of bad vibrations.

Snakeroot: used to banish a person or thing from a home.

Rue: Rue candles are burned for protection and grass is burned to clear a space of evil thought forms and malevolent energies.

Slippery Elm: Put the herb where you want to get rid of slander or gossip. You can also get burned by sending bad thoughts to the sender.

Vetivert: Use the oil to protect yourself when going out in dangerous or questionable situations.

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Basic Pug Training

Basic Pug training begins with the understanding that, as a Pug owner, you must be firm but loving. Pugs are a very sensitive breed often in tune with their owner’s feelings. This makes it easier for them to spot a weak owner. Don’t let Pug’s endearing face hurt your training efforts.

Many Pug owners don’t understand that a lack of basic training can put the Pug at risk! Pugs are naturally curious and, unless properly trained, will explore their environment without regard for dangerous situations. Take charge of Pug training and teach them how to behave as well as their role in the pack. Pugs have a stubborn personality, but underneath the tough exterior is a strong desire to please their master. A well-trained Pug is within your grasp if you have patience, dedication, and consistency.

Mental toughness is also a requirement if you want to be successful in training a Pug. Pugs believe that they are a member of the family with equal rights. If you give your Pug special privileges, such as jumping on the couch or the freedom to ignore commands, then the advantage in obedience training is sacrificed.

Getting your Pug to get proper exercise is the first step to effective Pug training. While Pugs won’t be running alongside you in a marathon anytime soon, they will get mischievous if you don’t provide an outlet for their boisterous energy. A daily walk and a little playtime indoors should be enough to wear them down. Be aware that its short muzzle leads to many respiratory problems, so be sure to monitor your breathing, especially in hot weather situations.

In addition to exercise, the following approaches will help bolster your Pug training efforts:

Basic commands: The cause of many Pug problems can be traced back to a lack of basic obedience training. Commands like “sit”, “stay” and “down” are the building blocks for successful Pug training. You can avoid a lifetime of obedience problems and headaches for your family with these basic commands.

Clicker training: With their strong-willed nature, Pugs can take an attitude and ignore your orders. The distinctive clicker sound catches the Pugs’ attention and can speed up their efforts when used as positive reinforcement.

Burst Training Shorts: This is the basis for successful training, especially for Pug puppies. Short 5-10 minute sessions of focused training are the best method for success. Using the clicker during these short burst training sessions is highly recommended.

It may seem obvious, but you should NEVER hit your Pug. Negative reinforcement in any way, such as yelling or hitting, produces fear and only hurts the training process. Rewarding positive behavior has been shown to speed up the learning process for dogs. Mix positive reinforcement with treats and praise. Pugs by nature crave acceptance and attention from their master, so they will respond quickly to what makes you happy.

Good luck in your Pug training efforts!

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Are tablets threatened by phablets?

Not so long ago, smartphones and tablets dominated the tech market. They were significantly different from each other depending on the size of their screen. The first is destined to revolutionize the use of mobile phones in terms of communications; meanwhile, the latter was created to challenge laptops as they are easier to use.

However, as we all know, consumer preference for technology continues to change. Gone are the days when people owned various devices to meet their needs. Today, it’s all about convergence – all in one device. And this is what pushed some mobile manufacturers to come up with something that integrates a phone and a tablet, hence the phablet. It has the functionalities of a smartphone and a huge screen close to that of a tablet.

The latest figures show that phablets are outpacing tablet shipments. More than 25.2 million phablets are shipped in the Asia Pacific region excluding Japan, while only 12.6 million are shipped for tablets. The phablet figure is about the same as the tablet and laptop figures combined, with the latter having 12.7 million units shipped.

And this we ask ourselves: How will this trend affect the tech giants, namely Apple and Samsung? Perhaps, for Samsung, it is not so much. As you can see, Samsung manufactures both phablets and tablets. It maintains a diversity of products so that if one declines, the other can compensate. It recently released the large Galaxy Mega 6.3 and the Galaxy Note 3. So far, consumers have been pleased with the company’s range of sizes.

But for Apple, it’s a different story. Apple has yet to venture into the phablet trend. It is still limited to making smartphones and tablets separately. The largest screen it offers for smartphones is 4 inches, which is what the newly announced iPhone 5S and 5C are built with. And as for its tablets, the smallest of its kind has a 7.9-inch diagonal screen, which is the iPad Mini. There are rumors that Apple is testing phones up to 6 inches. If this were to come true, this would be the first phablet to be released by Apple.

It’s fair to say that if Apple sticks with its niche, it could face a competitive fight against its arch nemesis, Samsung, and this could come in two ways. First, Apple could lose smartphone sales to Samsung because the Korean tech giant has already delivered what many consumers have longed for: a bigger screen. Second, due to the growing popularity of phablets, which have outpaced the number of tablets shipped, especially to Asia Pacific regions, consumers may choose to take a phablet instead of an iPad Mini. Although Apple is currently the world’s largest tablet maker in terms of shipments, it could lose its title if it resists deviating from its norm.

With all the events taking place in the world of technology, all we have to consider is the nature of technology. It evolves over time, and you have to be up to date so as not to be left behind.

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Hockey or hoops?

I don’t know about you, but I miss the good old days. The days when I was young enough to sit and watch sports from the time I got home from school to after I got into bed. Or even in my college days, where class was optional and pizza was plentiful. He came and went from game to game, and maybe a third one if possible. And this was always the time of year that he loved the most. The Stanley Cup playoffs or the NBA playoffs alone may not be the biggest sporting event. March Madness would surely have something to say in that argument. But put them together and you could have a couple of months. Unfortunately, my college days are behind us, and with that comes the cruel fate of waking up at 6:30 a.m. every morning to join the rest of the world of work. Let’s just say that games that last until 1 a.m. and a love of sleep don’t usually mix very well. In any case, I can’t seem to find time to watch all the sports I used to do. So the question is what to choose? Let’s examine why the postseason, if any, is really worth sacrificing sleep.

The competition. I guess this would depend on your definition of good competition. In NHL you have top-down balance. Currently, the top two seeds in hockey have left before the conference final, and the top 4 seeds in the West withdrew in the first round. On the other hand, the NBA appears to be heavier at the top, leading some to argue that this contributes to better competition in the later rounds. I’d give the go-ahead for hockey here. I realize that there are many people who simply do not understand hockey and find it impossible to see. But for those of you who appreciate the incredible level of skill it requires, you will notice that hockey more than any other sport is played at the highest level during its postseason. While the fact that Oiler beat Red Wings in the first round may not be the best thing in terms of attracting fans to keep tuning in, it shows me that the league is ultra competitive from top to bottom. Chalk one for hockey.

The stars. This category may seem like a no-brainer to many, but not to me. Just by name recognition alone, most Americans would say that basketball has the biggest stars without a doubt. That may be true, but it seems the only reason we’ve heard of half their names is because we can easily find them in a police document. When it comes to promoting star players, no one focuses more on it than the NBA. But personally, I would rather be known to few than hated by many. Still, to be fair, I have to give it to the players, although it could be argued that since Jordan was gone for good, the Mario Lemieux name was the biggest in both sports until he retired earlier in the year.

The action. It’s not even close to me. While basketball may have that spectacular play per game that makes you jump out of your seat and scream, hockey is a constant barrage of high-intensity action, heavy hitting, jaw-dropping display of skill, and even the occasional fist fight. Ask Rasheed Wallace, who apparently feels that his team can play hard when it feels like it, and go all the way to the final. Give it a try in hockey, and you will probably get a piece of Plexiglas pierced through. Not to mention that a loss of focus, while perhaps resulting in poor defense in the NBA, can result in something more dangerous in hockey, like a punch to the face. Hockey takes it safely.

Convenience. Sometimes you just want to get straight to the point and not bother sitting for two and a half hours of a game before the outcome is actually determined. This is where basketball definitely beats hockey. There is nothing worse, especially for the casual hockey fan (although some would say there is no such thing), than sitting down to watch an entire hockey game clicker in hand, and while quickly changing the channel to check the score of another game, lose a goal! On the other hand, if you watch most of an NBA game, you are likely to witness most of the score, as it is constant throughout the game. The real convenience of basketball is that everyone knows that you really only need to tune in to the last quarter, if not just the last 5 minutes of an NBA game to see the best part. If you tried it in hockey, you would probably be out of luck and sometimes even a 1 goal game is already over for all intents and purposes. You may get lucky and stumble upon a game that heads into overtime every now and then, but you will usually find that the game is pretty much settled. So if you are looking to save time and simply tune in to the decisive time, the NBA is the game for you.

Overtime. Speaking of overtime, two words: sudden death. While a basketball game going into overtime can end in a 12-point beating win, postseason overtime hockey games always deliver the drama they deserve. No time limit, win the first goal. It doesn’t get better than that, okay?

Schedule. This is a category in which the NBA drives me crazy. What used to be a real selling point for me in the past has become another annoying by-product of the NBA’s main office. I understand that your main goal is to generate income, but do you really need to play only 2 games per night and spread the games from the first round over a period of two weeks, if not more? Some teams have almost 4 days off between games, just so the networks can extend their coverage. What’s the use of extra slots anyway, if they end up dropping viewership per night? For me, there is nothing better than two games at the same time to pique my interest. When TBS and TNT staggered their start times and showed 4 games per night between 7:00 p.m. M. And 1:00 a. M., My interest has never been greater. Now I can’t even keep track of who’s playing on a given night. At least the NHL moves its series, sometimes even scheduling two teams to face each other on consecutive nights. Score another for hockey.

Cheerleaders. This one clearly goes the way of the NBA, though think about the impact cheerleaders could have on the game of hockey. I was recently at an Islanders game on Long Island and witnessed my first hockey cheerleaders skating on the ice. Imagine your typical sexy cheerleader in the same tight-fitting uniform and short skirt, except now she’s carrying a snow shovel and skating fast on a very cold ice surface. Do I need to say more? Talk about something positive. Basketball takes this, but only because hockey hasn’t caught on yet.

So while basketball is clearly the most popular sport in this country, I would say that when it comes to the postseason, the Americans could miss out on the most exciting professional postseason tournament of all. Now if they could just put some smart Americans in charge of promoting the sport instead of the stupid Canadians who are apparently running the show, maybe this sport would finally take off in popularity. Oh cool down Canadians, I’m just kidding. Well not really, but I want to thank you for giving us the excellent Kenny versus Spenny TV show on CBC. I always wondered how long a human being could go without things like eating or sleeping when it came to a bet. Until next time, enjoy the playoffs, whatever they are.

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